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Trainer- Prof Kingshuk Bhadury

When you become more productive using improved time management skills and tools, to accomplish more with less effort. Reducing wasted time and effort gives you even more productive time throughout the day. Both of these allow you to make time for a wide range of activities that bring more balance and fulfilment to your personal & professional life.

Through the workshop, you will be stimulated to think about what you will do differently or how you can transfer the elements you have learnt into your practice, set up your goals, prioritize tasks and achieve your targets and deadlines.

Workshop Methodology

Highly interactive and usage of group work techniques to provide a nurturing atmosphere based on participant self-realizations, through:

  • Priority sorting games
  • Stories
  • Role plays
  • Time Analysis Questionnaire
  • Priority Charting

Key Takeaways:

  • Analyse individual time management practices and differences
  • Setting your goals and sticking to them
  • Recognize and tackle time wasting activities
  • Identify and address time management issues with supervisors, colleagues and subordinates
  • Maximizing your time
  • Maximizing your productivity with other people
  • Addressing challenges of procrastination
  • Practising Prioritization
  • Meeting Deadlines

Client Logos

It was a very well conducted programme, well presented, was easy to understand as well as useful. Games played were well designed and helped in understanding the lectures better, thus complementing the lectures effectively. The workshop succeeded in keeping their participants involved and interested right throughout the two days. The enthusiasm of the participants and their participation clearly proved that how much they enjoyed the workshop. I thank and complement Mr. Kingshuk for the wonderful programme that was conducted and I am sure that all the managers and organization as a whole would benefit from it.

S M Shervani, Managing Director, Shervani Hospitalities Ltd

While people over the world were here to witness the opening of the store, the first of its kind in the country and in many ways a first in the world , we could see the training inputs imparted by, in action. Customer Service was on top of the Customer feedback Forms. This could not have been achieved easily without your intervention

Siddharthan M, Head Human Resources, HyperCITY

Being associated with Mr. Bhadury for over 4 years, he needs no introduction to the field of training, making a difference to the lives of hundreds of employees at CG through his simple yet methodical training modules.

S. B. Srivastav, GM Human Resources, Crompton Greaves

The Leadership development workshops that you conducted forour organization immensely helped the company to get through the next step of excellence in managing its operations in India. The senior leadership team certainly benefited from the lessons learnt through the Leadership Development Program (LDP) which helped them to achieve their business goals in tough business situations.

Sujit Gijare, VP-HR , United Conveyor Corporation

The most striking thing about Kingshuk is his genuine passion for connecting with people. He is a powerful communicator who listens with intensity and speaks with clarity of thought. Cutting through clutter, grasping the essentials and arriving at wise and practical remedies is his forte, which comes not only from his deep knowledge and rich experience, but a sharp and introspective mind.

Rajesh Mudholkar, Pune, -

I have got an opportunity to learn as well as work with Prof Kingshuk Bhadury. He has been as excellent guide and a teacher who has helped us to understand our subject well. He is a thorough professional and an excellent human being. He uses a unique way of conducting the training programme which has a lasting impression on the audiences. He makes the training programme very educative and entertaining at the same time. I wish him good luck.

Kirti Narayan, Mumbai, -

What started as a professional journey with Kingshuk has culminated as a friendship over the years , the commitment he shows towards his passion-Training & Mentoring has touched many lives, he has been instrumental in revamping HR practices in our company!!

Rajesh Toshniwal, CEO, Toshniwal Enterprise Controls Ltd

I had opportunity to attend his 3 days outstation training program on Team Building. Our’s was most heterogeneous and complex team to handle .Most with individual professional expertise and high ego’s of their capabilities. The way Kingshuk handled and created the team building was fantastic. He has skill to make the program lively yet educative and very effective to unlearn and learn new things.

Shrikant Gramopadhya, Senior GM, Amphenol India

I would rate Kingshuk’s module on Customer Delight a 10 on 10… would recommend the module to service and manufacturing units but more so to the trainer for his engaging, interactive ways of imparting it which makes it stand out!!

Hemant Taware, Future Group

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